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About us

Oliver Heslop LLB (Hons) ATT

Oliver Heslop is our leader and Managing Director of the company.  He trained with Deloitte for over a decade and completed his Big 4 training with EY.  Both firms lead the world in expatriate tax and global mobility.  Since then, he has been running his own businesses for over 10 years.

Truly global work

Oliver worked in Warsaw in 2001, and from 2010 he acted as UK tax advisor to the US Embassy in London.  By 2013, he had joined a panel at HM Treasury in London to assist with implementing the UK’s new residence laws.

Oliver’s connections

One of Oliver’s main skills is to find a quick practical solution in the UK; but also in the other country.  For example, we often help British nationals to move to the US/EU/Asia Pacific region.  They tell us that it is a huge relief to know that Oliver will manage everything here AND has a solid tax advisor at the other end to support them.

Oliver’s tax expertise

Let’s quickly look at those technical areas that Oliver has worked on recently :

  • Impact of Brexit on UK expat laws. Please listen to his podcasts.
  • Managing significant investments of non-domiciled clients in London.
  • US Federal retirement benefit issues.
  • HMRC PAYE enquiries into client payrolls.
  • Property investment in multiple jurisdictions and continents.

Oliver goes the extra mile

Our firm provides all of the tax support explained in this website.  Our clients expect this of course.   But we also support our clients with other practical issues related to their expatriate position :

  • One client required detailed information and sworn documents to support her UK immigration application.   Done.  By us.
  • Another client needed help with obtaining his state pension – not an expat or a tax matter.   Done by us, with pleasure.
  • One client is applying for retail premises in London – a financial application but not a tax matter.   All done by us.
  • Finally, one UK individual found he was in trouble with the police in Singapore. It was not his fault and he was totally innocent, but it was very stressful.  We connected him with our tax friends in Singapore so that he had a friendly face in-situ.