So, you’ve received a UK tax enquiry letter ….

Hello all,  Welcome back to our regular tax blog. I could write a book on this next subject of HMRC enquiries, and I was once even called “Mr Tax Enquiry” based on the number of enquiries I had worked on. I can write out the full details of the process but that does not make […]

Should You Move to Monaco?  It’s worth a thought..

Monaco has long been known as a playground for the rich and famous. With its stunning Mediterranean coastline, luxurious lifestyle, and favourable tax laws, it’s no wonder that it has become a magnet for the ultra-wealthy, and even the less so wealthy. There are many reasons why relocating to Monaco is so appealing, from its […]

NHS Healthcare for Expats: A Great Guide

Are you an expat planning to visit or reside in the UK? It’s essential to understand how to access healthcare during your stay. The NHS provides free services to residents, but the rules and entitlements may vary depending on your circumstances. In this article, we’ll explore how you can access healthcare in the UK as […]

Breaking UK tax residence and what to do when HMRC are slow

Hi everyone! This blog should get people chattering.  It tells you how one of my clients failed to break UK residence last minute because of lack of planning.  Even more interesting than that however are my tips and life hacks for managing HMRC.  There are two topics covered in this feature, firstly the recent cases […]

Expatriates – Australian pensions and US army pensions

US Army pension – UK tax  You are an American who loves all things British, especially afternoon tea and UK history.  You therefore decide to retire permanently to the UK.  And you choose London because your brother lives nearby. Now, it is UK tax return season for all tax accountants, of course, and we encounter […]


In the UK, the month of September 2023 was warm and sunny, it was our Indian summer.  And the last thing on our minds was UK tax returns.  However, as we enter October and November 2023, I am afraid we must now all focus on 2022/23 UK tax returns.   The deadline for filing the […]

Scrapping non-domicile tax status ?

Scrapping non-domicile tax status

The UK political scene 2023 Some of you will know that the UK currently has a Conservative Government in place led by Rishi Sunak.  That government is under threat of being unseated the Labour Opposition party.   The next General Election is scheduled for 2024 and the polls suggest that Labour can win under their […]

Tax on Americans in the UK – hot topics in 2023

If you are an American expatriate living in London, what issues might you face in 2023?   You may struggle to find Reese’s Pieces in the shops, and you may not be able to understand the Scottish or Liverpool accents.   Hopefully, these are just minor inconveniences. When do I file my tax return? This […]

What does an expatriate tax advisor do ?

We all think we know the answer ….  We often assume “ an expatriate tax advisor is just an accountant who prepares tax returns (UK, US, you name it) once a year.  For the remainder of the year, he/she creates tax return questionnaires…. end of discussion ”… Well, there is far more to it than […]