Tax on Americans in the UK – hot topics in 2023

If you are an American expatriate living in London, what issues might you face in 2023?   You may struggle to find Reese’s Pieces in the shops, and you may not be able to understand the Scottish or Liverpool accents.   Hopefully, these are just minor inconveniences. When do I file my tax return? This […]

What does an expatriate tax advisor do ?

We all think we know the answer ….  We often assume “ an expatriate tax advisor is just an accountant who prepares tax returns (UK, US, you name it) once a year.  For the remainder of the year, he/she creates tax return questionnaires…. end of discussion ”… Well, there is far more to it than […]

UK expats – Are you tax resident in Spain ?

What happens if you are a tax resident in Spain?

If you are coming to Spain to work, to spend your retirement years or simply to live in this sunny and welcoming country, we recommend you read this article. Apart from enjoying other advantages that living in Spain has, such as enjoying the varied gastronomy, being able to see the Mediterranean Sea every day from your house […]

Is Spain still very attractive to British expats?

If you are UK tax resident and you are thinking about moving to Spain, this article will be very useful for you. In Spain, you are not only going to find mild weather, beaches and places where you can have a fantastic cuisine, Spain can result really interesting from a tax point of view, especially […]

Non-domiciled ? – the UK wants you here

Americans, Australians, EU nationals et al – welcome   Hello all, my expat tax blog is back, and so we ask … “why did you take a break in the first place ?”  The answer is that I never went away, but the UK tax busy season only ended about six weeks ago. That can […]

2021 UK Tax Changes to Expat Pensions

UK Tax Changes

Pensions are very much a “Marmite issue” to readers, but we often find that new pension laws have a major impact personal finances.  Sorry, Marmite is a British spread, thick and brown, mainly for bread that people either love or hate.  Similar to the pensions topic. UK pensions is an area of law that never […]

COVID and TAX – expatriate stories

expatriatetax london

Covid’s impact on UK tax My stories today focus on expatriate tax as opposed to vaccines for example or new viruses.   In other words, most expatriates have suffered many different Covid inconveniences, but today’s spotlight will be on tax.   There is very good news at the end, if you want to skip. I am an […]

UK expat tax – Tax when leaving the UK – great PowerPoint lesson

Oliver Heslop our MD works closely with an expat content provider About Us – Expat FocusWe can’t recommend them enough.  Oliver recently provided full tax technical input on this session.Please see the session “What to Do When Leaving the UK”  at  Expat Focus    It’s free.