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Why do we dedicate an important part of our business to this one area ?

  • It is a low cost benefit for expats with major benefits.
  • Major successes in the market, it’s become a niche service of ours.

The services we provide

  • We can help expats abroad to boost massively their state pension.
  • This applies to Brits and other nationals overseas.
  • The GETS difference is that we deliver fantastic returns on investment; way above the norm.
  • We use our personal contact at HMRC, NIC Office, and Dept of Work & Pensions.

Our methods

  • We can’t tell you the detail here, because every case is different.
  • But if you have ever lived and worked in the UK, you may be due a much larger UK state pension than you expect.

Non-UK state pensions

We carry out many specialist projects to review state pensions from other countries.

We have expertise in these countries :

  • Australia, working with Centrelink on state pension entitlement,
  • USA, we can work closely with their SSA team,
  • Brazil, we have filed applications via CNS system.
  • The list is long.