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So, we’re an tax accounting firm that files your UK tax returns ?  That doesn’t sound unique or surprising.   That’s true, but we are not simple tax accountants.  This is a niche area of expat tax.  There are plenty of extra savings to be had.

It’s always Oliver

If you contact our firm for tax support, you will speak to Oliver Heslop and he will handle your case from start to finish.  We never pass on your work to staff you do not know.  Oliver will learn your case.

Oliver has been a tax professional for over 25 years, and he even remembers Margaret Thatcher’s major tax reforms in the 1980’s.  He was still in shorts, but hey.

Types of tax return

We regularly carry out this type of tax return work :

  • Non-resident UK tax returns for expats with UK property and property elsewhere.
  • Dual resident UK returns.
  • Wealthy expats’ returns with interest 3, 4 or more countries.
  • Resident tax returns for non-domiciles.
  • London City “non-doms” tax returns where significant funds remain in the home country.
  • UK tax returns with tax relief claims such as home leave, overseas workday relief.
  • Expats arriving in the UK claiming split year tax returns.
  • UK people leaving the UK seeking to “break UK residence”.
  • Expats in the UK who must avoid double taxation, claim foreign tax credits.
  • Self-employed expat tax returns.

What’s great about our firm?

What value can I add, if I prepare your tax return ?  We add value that normal accountants cannot do.  Now, I must stress that those accountants are experts in many other fields, but not in our niche area of expatriate tax.  This January, I was a passed a draft tax return by a UK solicitor for my review.  There were no errors on that return at all.  However, the preparer had not included a list of expatriate tax reliefs ( that we apply often) and so the taxpayer owed £9,400 more than he should have.  We amended return to include all possible tax reliefs.

I have another great example of where we add value and go the extra mile. 

Foreign nationals (from anywhere)

Let’s pick US nationals or Australians.  We invest time and resources getting to know the home country tax advisors.  This means we can optimise the taxes in each country; avoid any double taxation.  We can of course do your US and Australian tax work

What types of client ?

I am often asked what sort of clients approach us for UK tax return support.  

A foreign national in London  

This person will own one often two luxury properties and have income sources inside and outside the UK.  They need support with income tax planning, often non-domicile reliefs, also how to minimise global tax costs.

Brit in the Middle East & Europe

Another frequent client of ours is the UK national living and working full-time abroad ( Middle East and often Europe).  His or her earnings may be substantial or that of a normal UK household.  

We also see couples who divide their time between Spain ( or France ) and the UK, and become tax resident.

South Africans, Canadians, Israelis ..

Apart from these two examples, we see whole wide range of other cases eg the Canadian expat the UK who is trying self-employment, the S African in the UK who inherited properties in Durban; but now also earns UK dividends and salary.  The variety is endless !