UK expats – Are you tax resident in Spain ?

What happens if you are a tax resident in Spain?

If you are coming to Spain to work, to spend your retirement years or simply to live in this sunny and welcoming country, we recommend you read this article. Apart from enjoying other advantages that living in Spain has, such as enjoying the varied gastronomy, being able to see the Mediterranean Sea every day from your house […]

UK expat tax – Tax when leaving the UK – great PowerPoint lesson

Oliver Heslop our MD works closely with an expat content provider About Us – Expat FocusWe can’t recommend them enough.  Oliver recently provided full tax technical input on this session.Please see the session “What to Do When Leaving the UK”  at  Expat Focus    It’s free.

Brits living abroad in the Middle East

We are very proud to say we have served hundreds of expatriates in this region – it is one of our core areas.  We will now explain the main issues in a digestible format. Time to show off first.  “We are very happy in this work …”or in Arabic    نحن سعداء لخدمةنحن سعداء لخدمة We […]