How much does an Expatriate UK Tax Return cost ?


It’s the first question that clients ask, and it’s not an easy one to answer.  I would love to reply “ How long is a piece of string ?” which reflects my problem but that’s not helpful to anyone.  You as the consumer need clarity, certainty and tax return fees that represent good value. The […]

An American moves to London…a typical American expat


I am sorry to trick you in the title because there is no typical American expatriate.  We cannot write one blog that covers every scenario for Americans moving to the UK.  However, there are many common traits, and let’s focus on these. Firstly, what does an American taxpayer think about UK taxation ?  “ So, […]

Brits living abroad in the Middle East

We are very proud to say we have served hundreds of expatriates in this region – it is one of our core areas.  We will now explain the main issues in a digestible format. Time to show off first.  “We are very happy in this work …”or in Arabic    نحن سعداء لخدمةنحن سعداء لخدمة We […]

About Oliver

Hi Oliver, you are the MD of London Expatriate Tax Services.  Can you tell us about your career ? I started my 25 year tax career with a law degree at London School of Economics.  Next, I moved to work for the “Big Four” accounting firms for 14+ years.  This was mainly at Deloitte, and […]

Leaving the UK and trying Singapore, a very popular host country

leaving the UK And trying Singapore

Hi everyone, We are going to examine the tax issues that you will encounter in Singapore (SG); and just as important, we must review the UK tax issues that affect you as a departing British expatriate. Clients are always telling us that they prefer the Q&A format when digesting tax and money issues.  We have […]

UK Tax Residents: Plenty of UK tax savings for expatriates

Expatriates – UK tax planning This message on UK expatriate tax and immigration is vital and highly relevant.  The UK remains a welcoming country for many types of expatriate, and that message can be lost sometimes.  The UK tax incentives for new tax residents are abundant.  The UK are now more specific regarding the skills required […]